Month: August 2013


Skyline College Theatrical Program Relies on Countryman Microphones for Solid Audio Performance

“The mic fits very well, is comfortable, and as a result, enables the students to focus on their performance without distraction. "

Efficient Miking Helps “In The Mood” Present the Spirit of a Bygone Era

Cast members Mark Brignone, Jennifer Andres, Cori Cable Kidder, Tim Quartier (from left to right) appear in a scene from In The Mood. Subminiature microphones and wireless technology enable performers to thrive From a musical perspective, the 1940’s epitomized the big band swing era: the clarinet and saxophone were ‘king’ and people danced to jazz-oriented […]

Countryman Associates Helps First Baptist Church Snellville Deliver the Message

"About two years ago the church extended the podium position forward so that it is now located almost directly underneath the main PA wash. The B2D’s ability to reject the sound from the house sound system is nothing short of amazing. I’ve tried several other mics from various manufacturers and none of them had the performance capabilities of the B2D."

Countryman Brings Authentic Sound to “Carlyle’s Picks”

"The fact that the B3’s cable is manufactured from Kevlar enables the microphone to endure some truly unthinkable punishment."

DASOTA’s ‘Extravaganza’ Is Exquisite

B3 Omnidirectional Lavaliers in use at the Douglas Anderson School of the Arts. Countryman mics, Sennheiser wireless, and Yamaha console technology are keys to success of major arts endeavor Jacksonville, FL… The Douglas Anderson School of the Arts (commonly known as ‘DA’ or ‘DASOTA’) is a highly regarded Duval County Public Schools magnet high school […]