Month: August 2013


Countryman Microphones Integral To Activities At Willow Park Church

A shepherd wearing his E6 Earset from Willow Park Church’s Living Nativity. E6 Omni Earset mics assume key roles in church’s 21st Annual Living Nativity and weekly services Kelowna, BC, Canada – January 2013… For more than two decades each Holiday Season, Willow Park Church has staged their Living Nativity. For this year’s 21st annual […]

Countryman B6 Microphone Integral To Production of Translogic’s Water Powered Flyboard Webisode

“The Countryman B6 offers a wonderful, customizable sound by way of its interchangeable frequency response caps,” Hart continued, “and its submersible design made it perfect for this project."

Countryman Microphones Integral to Flutist Michael Mason’s Performances

“This mic has a very broad frequency response and does a great job of capturing the instrument in its natural form .... it’s become a regular part of my equipment arsenal.”

Countryman Microphone Integral to Performances of Bill “Sauce Boss” Wharton

"The Countryman ISOMAX Headset is, by far, the easiest and highest quality wireless microphone I have ever used for my show.” “A good sounding, comfortable headset mic is not easy to come by,” he said. “I’ve experimented with many different microphones and I have never come across one that meets my needs as well as my ISOMAX does. This mic delivers great audio quality, and it’s engineered to provide a secure, comfortable fit, and… less feedback!”