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Countryman Microphones Assume a Prominent Role in Tim Azzaria’s Production Work

EMW Omnidirectional Lavalier, B3 Omnidirectional Lavalier, E6 Earset, and ISOMAX mics address a wide range of production challenges   San Francisco, CA – July 2018… As any production professional knows, having versatile and reliable gear capable of handling a variety of production challenges is a crucial part of being—and staying—in business. For engineer and audio […]

Countryman Microphones Help Bring “Stihl’s Reel in the Outdoors With Joe Thomas” to Life

“The Countryman EMW has so many features that make it the perfect lavalier for our field productions. The sturdy design and construction; the incredible water resistance, which is so important when you have to shoot rain or shine and, of course, the incredible audio quality. "

Countryman EMW Omnidirectional Lavalier Mics Prove Vital to Healthcare Panel Discussion

Ty Ford with his EMW Lavalier. Photo credit: Brian Glock Robust microphones deliver high level of speech intelligibility while minimizing ambient noise Baltimore, MD… Panel discussions are a terrific means of sharing information and gaining perspective on a wide range of issues. Such was the case for a recent studio shoot held at BlueRock Productions […]

Countryman Microphones Catch the Big Wave

"I use the Countryman EMW attached to an H20 Audio armband that has been modified to hold a Zaxcom ZFR100 audio recorder. This enables me to capture ambient sounds that can be inserted into a film during audio post production. I can send someone who’s been ‘wired up’ out to record the sound of breaking waves. This technique was used on a forthcoming film called Of Men and Mavericks, starring Gerard Butler and Elizabeth Shue. The EMW’s deliver absolutely amazing ambient sound.”

Countryman Lavaliers the Ideal Fit

“I love the sound quality the Countryman microphones deliver,” he said. “These mics deliver a big, full-bodied quality that one would never suspect possible."