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Countryman Brings Authentic Sound to “Carlyle’s Picks”

"The fact that the B3’s cable is manufactured from Kevlar enables the microphone to endure some truly unthinkable punishment."

DASOTA’s ‘Extravaganza’ Is Exquisite

B3 Omnidirectional Lavaliers in use at the Douglas Anderson School of the Arts. Countryman mics, Sennheiser wireless, and Yamaha console technology are keys to success of major arts endeavor Jacksonville, FL… The Douglas Anderson School of the Arts (commonly known as ‘DA’ or ‘DASOTA’) is a highly regarded Duval County Public Schools magnet high school […]

Sounding Off On The Challenge Of Audio At Tuacahn Center For The Arts

Delaney Westfall as Pearl in Tuacahn’s 2013 production of STARLIGHT EXPRESS. Optimizing the performance of wireless microphone technology Ivins, UT… Tuacahn Center for the Arts lies nestled in the mouth of Padre Canyon below towering 1,500 foot red sandstone cliffs. The 42,000 square foot facility includes a 1,920 seat outdoor amphitheater, a 330 seat indoor […]

Countryman Lavaliers the Ideal Fit

“I love the sound quality the Countryman microphones deliver,” he said. “These mics deliver a big, full-bodied quality that one would never suspect possible."

Countryman Mics a Favorite with the Houston Family Arts Center

"We frequently have a lot of child actors. With many children, the boom on the E6 may be a bit long. The E2, by contrast, has a shorter boom and, as a result, works really well on their smaller faces. The audio performance is first rate on both models, so by having the added flexibility of using the E2 with its shorter boom, we can readily accommodate every performer. I find our actors love the Countryman E6 and E2 microphones. They're very comfortable wearing them, they like the way the mics fit on their faces, and they remain in place very well, so they're never distracting."