Month: April 2013


Countryman’s Audio Technology Delivers for Audio Production Group, Inc.

Andy Heller and Gary Wood, co-owners of Audio Production Group, with their Countryman Type 10S and Type 85S Stereo Direct Boxes. B2D Directional Lavalier mic and Type 10S / Type 85S Stereo DIs ensure seamless audio performance San Carlos, CA — September, 2012 … Audio Production Group, Inc. is a professional audio company that provides […]

Countryman B6 Omni Lavs Help Deliver Wicked Tinkers’ Sonic Signature

"The B6’s big sound and incredibly small size really helps make our shows that much better. We had many challenges in the past with microphones shaking off the instruments or just not staying still. But the B6 stays put and we never worry about it coming loose. We frequently have people ask how we get such a sound when we’re not miked. When we show them the B6, they are shocked by its sound quality and discreetness.”

Countryman E6 Earset Shines at Venture Christian Church

Jeffrey Cherin with his E6 Omni Earset mic and Earclip accessory. E6 Omni Earset Mic’s performance and fit are ideal for live worship services and beyond Los Gatos, CA — March, 2012 … With an internationally-renowned pastor whose local sermons air on national and international radio and TV broadcasts, Venture Christian Church consistently delivers superior […]

Countryman E6 Omni Earset Microphone Works its Magic

Scott Tokar wearing his E6 Omni Earset mic for a demo. Mic provides tradeshow magician Scott Tokar great sound and durability Menlo Park, CA — May, 2012 … Tradeshows are a great place to discover the latest, greatest products. Regardless of whether it’s an automobile tradeshow or one for the countless other products and services […]

Countryman E6 Used by Flautist Bob Chadwick

"The freedom I experienced when I finally started playing without a mic stand was incredible. I can move around as much as I need or want to, it's great! By performing with an earset mic, I no longer get a sore neck or back from the bad posture that using a microphone on a stand often leads to. The fact that I play multiple flutes made it impractical to use clip-on mics, so the earset-type mic is, by far, the best solution. I tried many brands and styles of earset microphones, and was unhappy with the response, tone, and the bulkiness of the units until I discovered Countryman. The Countryman mics have an open and clear sound, so the flutes sound wonderful. These earsets have a comfortable, secure feel and their response characteristi