Month: September 2013


Countryman B6 Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone Central To Production Of Riverkids: The Found Children Of Cambodia

“I love my Countryman mics. They’re beautiful. My B6 mics produce exceptional sound quality, they’re easy to work with, and they’re incredibly reliable. They are my ‘go to’ mics for any close miking situation. When I work on a project and use my B6’s, I know they’re going to work and that I can trust them to deliver exactly what I’m looking to capture.”

Love, Chaos, Dinner, and Exceptional Audio at Teatro ZinZanni

The Teatro ZinZanni cast finish a show under the Spiegeltent. As seen in FOH Online Sound design creates a unique experience in a unique space Dreams and divas, music and madmen, cirque and sensuality – this is Teatro ZinZanni. Originating in Seattle by Pacific Northwest nonprofit arts and events producer One Reel in 1998, Teatro […]

Countryman Microphones Catch the Big Wave

"I use the Countryman EMW attached to an H20 Audio armband that has been modified to hold a Zaxcom ZFR100 audio recorder. This enables me to capture ambient sounds that can be inserted into a film during audio post production. I can send someone who’s been ‘wired up’ out to record the sound of breaking waves. This technique was used on a forthcoming film called Of Men and Mavericks, starring Gerard Butler and Elizabeth Shue. The EMW’s deliver absolutely amazing ambient sound.”