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Usage Tips

How do I custom-fit the E6 or E6i to my ear?

It’s very easy to custom-fit an earset to any ear or face.

  • First, locate the 90-degree bend in the tubing immediately above the earset’s cable connection. That 90-degree bend is designed to tuck perfectly in the small pocket underneath and behind the earlobe.
  • With one hand, place the 90-degree bend into the pocket and hold it in place. With the other hand, guide the earpiece around and above the ear.
  • Still holding the 90-degree bend with one hand, position your other index finger between your head and the ear, and sweep your finger along the tubing starting at the 90-degree bend and finishing above and immediately in front of the top of the lobe. When your finger reaches the top of your ear, carefully pinch the spot to mark your place. Then take off the earset and add a 30-degree bend at the pinch mark.
  • Clip the earset over the ear again – the earpiece should be perfectly molded to the ear, feeling snug and comfortable.
  • Next, look at yourself in a mirror and mold the tubing to the contour of your cheek. Although the omnidirectional E6i is extremely forgiving, the ideal position for the mic is 1/4″ behind the corner of your mouth.
  • If the mic extends more than 1/2″ away from the mouth, you will need to add another bend. At the top of the earpiece, bend the tubing downward so it runs alongside the temple, parallel to the sideburn, for the excess distance.
  • Finally, make another 30-degree bend at that point and fit the rest of the boom to the curve of the cheek for a perfect fit.

For more detailed instructions and diagrams, you can download another copy of the E6 Fitting Guide that was shipped to you along with the product.


How do I mic a choir using the Isomax 2H?

Countryman’s Isomax 2H is quite possibly the easiest choir mic to deploy, with exceptional gain before feedback and even, natural coverage of the entire choir. Just use this downloadable guide for hanging choir mics.

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