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Countryman Microphones Bring “Elektra” To Life

“We’ve used the Countryman H6 for operatic vocalists in the past, so we knew we could have the right gain version of the mics that would best cope with the performers’ very loud voices. The sound quality of the Countryman H6 is very good, so it was easy to convince the artists that these mics were the best choice.”

Countryman B6 Lavalier Microphone Central To Documentary Production At Trinity Christian College

“I’ve been very impressed with our Countryman microphones. The audio quality is first rate, reliability is excellent, and the company is very supportive of its customers. I only wish this was the case with everything I purchase.”

The Hobbit: A Production Sound Perspective

Tony Johnson, CAS on location in New Zealand for The Hobbit via Sound & Picture. If you were a production sound mixer, what if we told you there was a job where you had to live in New Zealand and listen to dwarves, wizards, a hobbit, and other mythical creatures on headphones for a year? […]

Countryman B3 Omnidirectional Lavalier Mics Central to Production of Big Brother Canada

“These mics have been submersed in water—pools, hot tubs, showers and bath tubs—and have never failed. Once contestants enter the house, we as operators have no connection with the mics for the entire time they are used in the house. They just have to work and the Countryman mics have never let us down.”

Countryman Microphones Crucial to Production Sound Mixer Johnny Kubelka’s Location Sound Success

"I’m particularly impressed with how clean sounding and quiet they are. There’s never any muffled sound from the cables and they are both extremely small—making them a great choice when the mic needs to remain out of sight. Equally important, since the mics are moisture resistant, they’re an ideal choice for use under the lights, as they don’t get affected by perspiration, which can be a problem for other microphones. As far as deciding which mic to use on the talent: I’ll frequently try both to determine the best choice in any given situation.”