Month: October 2014


Countryman Microphones Help Bring “Stihl’s Reel in the Outdoors With Joe Thomas” to Life

“The Countryman EMW has so many features that make it the perfect lavalier for our field productions. The sturdy design and construction; the incredible water resistance, which is so important when you have to shoot rain or shine and, of course, the incredible audio quality. "

Countryman B3 Omnidirectional Lavalier Mics Central to Production of Big Brother Canada

“These mics have been submersed in water—pools, hot tubs, showers and bath tubs—and have never failed. Once contestants enter the house, we as operators have no connection with the mics for the entire time they are used in the house. They just have to work and the Countryman mics have never let us down.”

Countryman Microphones Help Performances Thrive at the Herchel Avra Performing Arts Center

“We enjoy both the audio performance and the light weight of the Countryman mics,” he said. “These microphones sound wonderful! We never have issues with either speech intelligibility or the quality of vocal production. We are able to hear each student as they say their lines or sing their solos!”

Countryman Earset Microphone Solves Medical Documentation Challenges

"The microphone’s audio performance is outstanding, the fit is secure and comfortable, it’s barely visible, and it’s proving to be an ideal match for use with my software. I enjoy it every day.”