Month: January 2014


Countryman Microphones Help Wisconsin Singers Rock “Hot! Hot! Hot!”

“... I find Countryman ISOMAX microphones to be consistently reliable with a warm and pleasing sound. ... Our ISOMAX mics are responsive in all acoustic environments and easy to EQ in a variety of different situations.”

“Carrie The Musical” Counts On Countryman Mics To Deliver Its Thrills And Chills

“In my experience, Countryman E6i and B6 microphones are the best in their class and have terrific sound quality for theatrical applications,” Hedman explained. “Because the E6i is so small, flexible, and available in a variety of skin tones, it is remarkably easy to conceal on the talent, which is a key consideration for theatrical use. "

Countryman’s Isomax Headset Mic Keeps The Music Flowing Naturally

"The Countryman ISOMAX Headset has become my ‘Battle Buddy’ for whatever the occasion where I perform my music. This rock-solid and very dependable piece of professional equipment has become a unique part of my lifestyle as a musician in the service of my brothers and sisters in uniform. I cannot imagine being without my ISOMAX.”

“Cook For Life” And “Healthy Gourmet” Shows Thrive With Countryman

"With the E6, my voice sounds so natural that I often forget I have the microphone on and the audience forgets that I’m using an amplified system.” " Through it all, my Countryman mic delivers first class results show after show. No other microphone matches the quality of sound, comfort, and reliability of my Countryman E6. Combined with the best customer service I have ever experienced, I am and will be a customer of Countryman for life.”

Countryman Microphones Help Candlelight Dinner Playhouse Thrive

"Mics are such an important part of the entertainment business and, especially so in the musical theater world, where it is very important to have a product that performs consistently. At the Candlelight, it is imperative that every word is heard all the time. The Countryman B3s are a powerful and durable product that provides the clarity and consistency I need for our shows. My inventory of lavalier microphones is now exclusively Countryman B3s.”