Month: April 2014


Cathedral of Faith Deploys Countryman for Clear, Natural Audio

“We use our Countryman H6 microphones for our weekly services and also utilize them for any dramas that are performed throughout the year...I love the fact that, with their dual ear loops and adjustable headframe, they provide a really comfortable, secure fit that enables one to focus on the message, or in the case of a theatrical presentation, their lines, as opposed to being distracted by an uncomfortable fit. These mics are also extremely low profile, so they’re practically invisible. Most importantly, they sound very natural.”

Countryman Microphones Crucial to Production Sound Mixer Johnny Kubelka’s Location Sound Success

"I’m particularly impressed with how clean sounding and quiet they are. There’s never any muffled sound from the cables and they are both extremely small—making them a great choice when the mic needs to remain out of sight. Equally important, since the mics are moisture resistant, they’re an ideal choice for use under the lights, as they don’t get affected by perspiration, which can be a problem for other microphones. As far as deciding which mic to use on the talent: I’ll frequently try both to determine the best choice in any given situation.”