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Countryman E6 Earsets Help Last Chance Productions Deliver The Goods

“We are still using the original nine E6 mics that we purchased back in 2009 and we have since purchased an additional three mics. These mics are durable and high quality. I wouldn’t invest in any other wireless mic besides Countryman.”

Countryman Microphones Bring “Elektra” To Life

“We’ve used the Countryman H6 for operatic vocalists in the past, so we knew we could have the right gain version of the mics that would best cope with the performers’ very loud voices. The sound quality of the Countryman H6 is very good, so it was easy to convince the artists that these mics were the best choice.”

Countryman Microphone Helps International Storydancer Zuleikha Thrive

“I love the fact that my Countryman mic is so easy to work with. I never experience any difficulty getting enough level for the audience to hear clearly. Speech intelligibility with this microphone is clear and very natural sounding.”

Countryman Microphones Help Performances Thrive at the Herchel Avra Performing Arts Center

“We enjoy both the audio performance and the light weight of the Countryman mics,” he said. “These microphones sound wonderful! We never have issues with either speech intelligibility or the quality of vocal production. We are able to hear each student as they say their lines or sing their solos!”

Countryman Microphones Help Wisconsin Singers Rock “Hot! Hot! Hot!”

“... I find Countryman ISOMAX microphones to be consistently reliable with a warm and pleasing sound. ... Our ISOMAX mics are responsive in all acoustic environments and easy to EQ in a variety of different situations.”