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Countryman Microphones Help Kenneth Hagin Ministries Deliver the Message

"We tried every head worn microphone in existence and the best performance was achieved with the Countryman."

Countryman B6 Lavalier Microphone Central To Documentary Production At Trinity Christian College

“I’ve been very impressed with our Countryman microphones. The audio quality is first rate, reliability is excellent, and the company is very supportive of its customers. I only wish this was the case with everything I purchase.”

Countryman Enables Worship at Ascension Lutheran Church in Thousand Oaks

Pastors Tim Deselkamp, Steve Herder, Larry Wagner with Countryman E6 microphones. Thousand Oaks, CA – April 2014… Ascension Lutheran Church in Thousand Oaks, CA is a is a very active congregation serving the Conejo Valley northwest of Los Angeles with 5 regular services per week, plus special events throughout the year. Service formats include weekly […]

Cathedral of Faith Deploys Countryman for Clear, Natural Audio

“We use our Countryman H6 microphones for our weekly services and also utilize them for any dramas that are performed throughout the year...I love the fact that, with their dual ear loops and adjustable headframe, they provide a really comfortable, secure fit that enables one to focus on the message, or in the case of a theatrical presentation, their lines, as opposed to being distracted by an uncomfortable fit. These mics are also extremely low profile, so they’re practically invisible. Most importantly, they sound very natural.”

Atascadero Bible Church Relies on Countryman Mics and DI’s

“Over the years our church has tried many different microphones, with some models yielding better results than others. None have worked as well as our Countryman microphones. Their sound quality, clarity, and ability to deliver the levels we need in any situation have made Countryman the microphone of choice for every application.”