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No Hiding Behind the Countryman E6

Kevin Johnson performing with the E6 Earset. Los Angeles, CA – May 2011… When it comes to public speaking, most people have to be prodded to ‘open their mouths’ and speak up. For master ventriloquist Kevin Johnson, moving his mouth is effectively the kiss of death. After all, it’s the dummy that does all the […]

Countryman Type 10 and Type 10S DIs on Tour with Carrie Underwood and Johnny Hallyday

Pristine sound quality and rock-solid performance are key attributes

Countryman Helps HP Pavilion Resolve Nagging Audio Issue

Type 10S stereo direct box the ideal companion for PC playback "With the Type 10S, I finally achieved sound quality on par with the other equipment we use. Most importantly, it provided a level of consistency to the overall sound that we simply weren’t getting before.”

Countryman Delivers Trouble-Free Performance On Carrie Underwood’s “Play On” Tour

“The change to the Countryman Type 10 was made in the middle of the tour and the results were stunning at first listen. My console EQ went from creatively trying to place the instrument and make it sound real and believable to flat on the channel strip and absolutely sounding like the instrument itself—as if a straight connection to the instrument was what we had. I was no longer fighting for ‘space’ for the instrument to fit. With the Type 10 DI, it fit into the mix right away.”

Chavín De Huántar Archaeological Acoustics Project Employs Countryman Microphones

Multiple B6 microphones bring a new dimension to an ancient archeological site