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Is there an adapter to allow my microphone to work with another device?

Very likely yes. If you have an E6 Earset, E2 Earset, or H6 Headset, we provide detachable cables to adapt your microphone to work with almost any transmitter, recorder, or audio device. The B2D Directional Lavalier is available with detachable connectors for switching between different wireless systems, XLR inputs, or other device connections. For microphones […]
Knowledge Base

Will my microphone work with this device?

Check out the Microphone Wiring page. Most Countryman microphones can be ordered to match hundreds of transmitters, digital recorders, and other devices. We also keep a list of the most popular options–along with the proper connector and wiring–on our Microphone Wiring page. Don’t see your device? Give us a call at 800-669-1422 or email […]