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A Microphone to Handle Any Environment

Our unique dual-capsule design cancels thumps, tames breath and pops, and delivers unsurpassed audio quality. Find out which one is right for you.

A3 Hypercardioid

  • Hypercardioid pickup pattern is nicely focused for a single source.
  • Maximum overall rejection of interfering sounds for clean audio.

A3 Cardioid

  • Cardioid pickup pattern has a wider front angle for small groups.
  • Maximum rejection of sources behind the microphone.

A3 Omni

  • Omnidirectional pattern picks up evenly from all directions.
  • Full range frequency response for natural recordings.

A3 Selectable

  • Switch between omni, cardioid, or hypercardioid patterns.
  • Ready for anything; the most versatile option for use in any environment.

Advanced Features in Every A3

Precision Acoustics

Extremely well-controlled directional patterns. Exceptionally low noise. Completely natural frequency response that captures the tone of vocals or instruments.

Breath and Pop Rejection

The A3 Podium’s multistage wind noise reduction design acoustically and electronically tames pops and breath noise.

Advanced Vibration Rejection

The unique two-capsule design of the A3 Podium cancels out thumps, bumps, and handling noise, for distraction free presentations and recordings.

RF Immunity

Rigorous shielding and a proprietary circuit design protect the A3 from radio frequency interference, including wireless devices and cell phones.

Three Standard Lengths

Standard 12″, 18″ or 24″ lengths to suit any application, with flexible gooseneck near the head and base for precise positioning.

Configure your own A3 Podium

Get Better Sound